Progress toward making Downtown an economic and cultural center of the region will be critical to the overall success of PlanCOS. In this case, the recommended indicators are those already in place and being measured by the organizations responsible for managing Downtown program, and funding initiatives (currently coordinated through the Downtown Partnership).  From 2016 to 2018, the Downtown area added a total of 489 residential units, a significant increase.

New Residential Units Added in Downtown

Goal: The goal of this indicator is to increase the number of added residential units Downtown.

Table: Residential Units Built Downtown

 2016201720182019 2020
Unit Starts29172276205235
Units Delivered534952410214

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Source: Downtown partnership

Value of Building Permit Activity in Downtown

Goal: the goal of this indicator is to increase overall development investment downtown.

Table: Total Downtown (80903 zip code) Building Permit Valuation by Year

Total Plancheck Valuations$187,278,854$112,286,927$119,307,772$125,472,799$207,555,870

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Source: Downtown Partnership