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Essential Questions for Initiatives

  1. These essential questions should be considered as a tool to focus on and promote implementation of our Majestic Landscapes vision for applicable City initiatives (refer to Chapter 1):
  2. Support the overall focus on our Majestic Landscapes theme?
  3. Positively contribute to the safety, security, and well-being of residents, and those who use the park or open space facilities?
  4. Encourage additional investment or reinvestment in surrounding areas?
  5. Contribute to the connectivity within and between neighborhoods particularly for walkability, access to multimodal transportation alternatives, and will it positively contribute to the feasibility of alternative modes?
  6. Enhance the connection to the outdoors, trails, parks, natural areas, and green infrastructure?
  7. Maintain consistency with and support the City’s adopted master plans, including the Parks and Open Space Plan?
  8. Contribute to the environmental resiliency of Colorado Springs?