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Connect Multimodal Transportation

Goal SC-1: Multimodally connect people and land uses throughout the city and region.


Application: The City's Bike Master Plan, the Trails Master Plan, the Year 2040 Transit Plan, and the updated Intermodal Mobility Plan will guide the implementation of these goals as part of the City's transportation system. The Region's PPRTA program, the City's capital improvement program and other public funding tools will provide the resources to support infrastructure improvements needed to meet these goals. Potential improvements to transportation, stormwater and utility systems will be a major consideration in the review of development and redevelopment proposals. 

Take Transit to the Next Level

Goal SC-2: Lay the groundwork for an intercity transit connection along the Front Range and for more robust, choice based transit within the city and larger region.

Remain Focused on Stormwater

Goal SC-3: Manage our stormwater and flood control system as a vital and integrated community asset. (See Chapter 7 for additional stormwater policies and typologies.)

Support Smart and Connected Utilities

Goal SC-4: Achieve a more environmentally sustainable utilities system for the city.