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PlanCOS Vision

Promotes and embraces arts, culture, and education as essential parts of our lives and our identity. This builds on the efforts of General Palmer and many others that envisioned culture as the cornerstone of the community and where creative energy generates new possibilities, interpersonal connections and unprecedented philanthropy.

Key Strategies

  • Complete, update, and implement public art plans
  • Consider arts and culture in other city plans
  • Support centers of education, arts, and culture
  • Identify and preserve our rich and diverse history

Importance of Culture

The built environment of Colorado Springs can be an expression of our distinctive culture. For our arts, culture, and education to continue to flourish, we will need places that support their incubation, growth, and celebration throughout the community. Our architecture, public art, parks, wide boulevards, museums, performance and educational institutions, historic areas, and public gathering places all help define the collective sense of place for our growing and diversifying citizenry.

The intrinsic value of arts and culture is indisputable, and its economic value is becoming more understood and recognizable. Arts and culture in Colorado Springs directly benefits our tourism industry and attracts companies and residents to the city.

We have an established and valued legacy of philanthropy. From its inception, Colorado Springs has enjoyed a unique history of cooperation among the public, private, and nonprofit sectors of our economy.

As younger professionals migrate to cities across the nation, they are increasingly considering the arts, education, and culture of a place when choosing where to live. The presence, quality, and quantity of music venues, entertainment centers, lifelong education, and cultural opportunities are increasingly playing a significant role in attracting new businesses and individuals.

Our historic legacy is a key foundation of the city’s strong cultural heritage. It reflects our roots in the mining industry, railroad expansion, early health and educational institutions, faith-based organizations, and our deep association with the military.

As OLYMPIC CITY USA, we are home to headquarters for the United States Olympic Committee, the Olympic Training Center, over 20 national Olympic governing bodies, numerous national sport organizations, and the United States Olympic Museum. Our association with the Olympic movement is infused in our educational, medical, technology, design, and cultural assets.

As a city we understand that our roles in arts, culture, and education should not be overly prescriptive. It is our imperative to provide a climate, places, and opportunities for the continued flourishing of our renowned culture in cooperation with the for-profit and non-profit sectors.