Arrests at Dorchester Park

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Beginning in May 2022 the Colorado Springs Police Department's Downtown Area Response Team (DART) received a tip referencing the distribution of narcotics at Dorchester Park. In addition, DART received numerous complaints of increased violent activity along the S. Nevada Corridor, with speculation that many suspects were on some sort of narcotic.  Members of the DART, CSPD’s Homeless Outreach Team (HOT), and the Strategic Investigations Unit (SIU), began an investigation into the distribution of narcotics at the park. During their initial investigations, they observed several hand-to-hand narcotics transactions taking place in east parking lot. They were able to identify several potential suspects and suspect vehicles.

During the week of July 25th, the units, along with CSPD’s K-9 unit, continued their enforcement activities at Dorchester Park for drug related offenses. This culminated in three specific deployments targeting open air narcotics activity over the course of two weeks.  The HOT Team also conducted additional patrol activities in the two-week period at the park.

Their efforts culminated in the following number of arrests:  27 various misdemeanor arrests from warrants, 4 various felony arrests from warrants, 7 misdemeanor citations served for drug activity, 2 traffic citations, and 8 search warrants written.

These deployments resulted in the recovery of 39.5 Fentanyl pills, 10.69 grams of Methamphetamine, 9.42 grams of Heroin, 32.89 grams of Marijuana, 17.17 grams of Cocaine, and 10 Xanax Pills.

The following individuals were arrested for felony drug charges:

  • Kerry Sherrow, a 47-year-old male:  Arrested for Distribution of a Scheduled II Controlled Substance
  • Terry Woods, a 63-year-old male: Arrested for Distribution of a Scheduled II Controlled Substance
  • Scott Keel, a 51-year-old male:  Arrested for Manufacturing a Scheduled II Controlled Substance
  • Cleve Watson, a 59-year-old male:  Arrested for Conspiracy to Commit Distribution of a Scheduled II Controlled Substance

Due to the illegal drug activity that was occurring in the east parking lot of Dorchester Park, and the criminal activity occurring in and around the park, CSPD worked with the Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services Department to have the east parking lot closed.

“These results are a demonstration of our officers’ efforts across the city to keep all of our community parks and open areas safe and open to our citizens. Whenever possible we partner with the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services department to make environmental changes to a park to keep criminal activity out of the areas that are meant for everyone to enjoy” stated Deputy Chief Dave Edmondson of the Patrol Operations Bureau.

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