Cases of Interest

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Welcome to the CSPD's cases of interest. When there are cases of interest that are of local or national interest, you will find the redacted copies of those cases here.  The cases included are frequently requested by citizens and/or the media. 

The information from any cases posted here cannot be used to harass, intimidate or seek retribution on any party listed in the case.  All cases are redacted in accordance with the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act.  There is no charge to view or download any reports shared here.


Today's Status: Investigation is On-Going for May 24, 2020 In Custody Death

On May 24, 2020, the Colorado Springs Police Department responded to a reported disturbance in the 2700 block of Ashgrove Street. The incident resulted in an in-custody death of the suspect, Mr. Chad Burnett. While typically Body Worn Camera is not released until the District Attorney’s Office has made their final determination, we believe it is in the public’s interest to release the footage. This decision was made in coordination with the District Attorney’s Office as well as the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office who investigated this incident.

Due to the substantial amount of time on scene, the most significant events during this incident are shown in the primary video. For transparency, the use of force will be played in full. While only one officer’s Body Worn Camera depicting the use of force is used in the primary video, we have also included the other individual involved officers' Body Worn Camera videos showing the use of force.

The below video will highlight the following portions:

  • 911 audio from the reporting party (Begins at 00:00:22)
  • 911 audio from a secondary reporting party/witness (Begins at 00:07:59)
  • Officers first interaction with Broadmoor Information and Security (Begins at 00:12:35)
  • Officers first interaction with the reporting party (Begins at 00:16:01)
  • Officers first contact with the suspect (Begins at 00:21:32)
  • Suspect's 911 Call to El Paso County Sheriff's Office (Begins at 00:29:21)
  • Officer Daigle’s Body Worn Camera during entire use of force incident (Begins at 00:29:55)

The following information is also provided

When the District Attorney releases their findings, we will update this page to include their report.

In Custody Death - Ashgrove Court

In Custody Death - Ashgrove Court Officer Barth

In Custody Death - Ashgrove Court Officer Carroll

In Custody Death - Ashgrove Court Sergeant Inazu



Today's Status: No Charges Filed in April 19, 2020 Officer-Involved Shooting

April 2020 Police Officer Involved Shooting Ruled Justified

The following items are available below:

  • The 911 audio of the call for service that officers responded to
  • A recording with the four involved officers’ BWC synced to show what each officer was doing during the call for service
  • The individual BWC video for the involved officers used in the quad view recording
  • Photograph of suspect in the basement with a rifle
  • Photograph of suspect's rifle from BWC and investigative photos
  • Photograph taken in the daytime of the shooting scene


CPL. SOMOSKY(redacted)