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The Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) Community Relations Unit has developed a new program called “PLAY COS,” which is aimed at creating more opportunities for positive interactions between officers and community members in Colorado Springs.

Program Description

Through donations, the idea is to supply each of CSPD’s patrol cars with a few sports balls (i.e. footballs, soccer balls, basketballs) to give out to kids and teens during an officer’s shift.  The overall goal is for this program to become a long-term, ongoing, sports equipment giveaway program that will be a permanent fixture in CSPD’s department wide community outreach effort for years to come.

Why we are starting this program

CSPD is committed to strengthening the relationship with our community and consistently finding opportunities to connect with the people we serve.  Having sports balls in police cruisers will allow for officers to have brief, but very positive interactions, with our community by simply giving away sports balls to kids/teens/families. It may also lead to the officer and community member even quickly playing catch before the officer goes to the next call.

Why we believe this is important

We at CSPD believe this will improve police/community relations because it allows our community to interact with officers in a more organic, simply fun way. Nothing criminal, nothing too serious, just officers and community members having a positive interaction. This may start the process of our community and police getting to know each other as people, and little by little, trust is rebuilt where it may be hurting.