Working Together

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The CSPD believes that when officers and citizens work together our community benefits in many ways. These include increased trust, a better understanding of community concerns and needs, and safer neighborhoods.  On this page, you will find information about how you can become more involved to help us keep Colorado Springs a great city!

Neighborhood Watch Program

This program is the cornerstone of our collaborative partnership with the community. 

Police Foundation of Colorado Springs

Learn more about the non-profit organization's support of the Colorado Springs Police Department and how you can get involved.

CSPD Internships

The Colorado Springs Police Department offers internships with focus in the criminal justice field.  Internships are unpaid and for academic credit, upon approval. 

Community Outreach

Our Community Outreach Office is dedicated to building strong relationships through interaction, education, and outreach activities with citizens,community groups, and businesses.

Youth Outreach

The youth are our communities future and the CSPD is dedicated to building a positive relationship with the youth of our city through various programs.

Volunteer Program

Creating a safe community is a task that the CSPD cannot do alone. Public safety volunteers are essential to our mission and offer a great opportunity for citizens to make a difference!

Homeless Outreach Team

Learn more about our partnership with the community to address the issues of our homeless citizens.

Citizen Advisory Committees

Check out this opportunity to interact with the police officers assigned to your area of the City!