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Airport Road over Spring Creek

Crews placed 30 sections of three-sided boxes to complete work on large concrete box culvert. (Timelapse video below) The heaviest section weighs 50,000 pounds and required a 300-ton crane to set them in place. 

When it's finished, it will allow more water from Spring Creek to flow under Airport Road and improve public safety related to reduced flood risk.

Learn more about the Airport Road over Spring Creek project

Video description: time lapse of a large crane lifting sections of a large cement box culvert. The cement pieces are shaped like a three sided box, with the bottom side missing.

Platte Avenue Bridge over Sand Creek

The Platte Avenue over Sand Creek bridge replacement project expects to install new bridge girders on the final span of the bridge this week.

The bridges (built in 1956) suffered from prior flood damage (2008) and overall degradation of the structures. The Platte Avenue over Sand Creek Bridge project will replace the two existing bridges with one bridge structure and include the addition of sidewalks along the north and south sides of Platte Avenue over the creek. Construction will also accommodate the future Sand Creek Regional Trail under the Platte Avenue bridge.

Platte Avenue is one of the city’s main east/west mobility corridors and the new bridge will accommodate future growth along the corridor by providing additional lanes on Platte Avenue, along with signalizing the intersection at Space Center Drive. Funding for the project totals approximately $14 million, funded in part by the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority and a federal grant. For more information about this project, visit To receive project progress e-newsletters, contact

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