The City of Colorado Springs and Colorado Springs Utilities are joining together, along with Panasonic CityNOW, to help develop a smart city vision, known as SmartCOS.  Being a smart city means using technology to improve public services, drive economic development and solve issues facing the city.  Many projects could be considered under the SmartCOS banner, with a focus on four key areas:  Energy and Utilities, Buildings and Sustainability, Transportation and Mobility, and City Services. 

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Focus Areas

Join the Smart COS Online Community Discussion to comment on the following ideas, or share your  own.

Energy and Utilities

How does a Smart City manage its Energy & Utilities? Several projects have been proposed, including

  • Smart Meters: Develop an Integrated Smart City Utility strategy leveraging Automated Metering Infrastructure
  • LED Streetlights: Strategy based on layered approach for LED Streetlight infrastructure and IoT devices
  • Electric Vehicles: Develop an electric vehicles charging strategy & battery storage plan

Buildings & Sustainability

A Smart City takes its role in the environment seriously, considering the impact of its decisions on the people, economy, and environment.

Several Buildings & Sustainability projects have been suggested, including

  • Smart Buildings Roadmap: Plan to reduce utilities costs and environmental impact of City government buildings
  • Parks plan: Water efficient parks and tree planting program

Transportation & Mobility

A Smart City is one where residents can move around safely and efficiently, contributing to the economy and enjoying all that city life has to offer.

Several Transportation & Mobility projects have been suggested, including

  • Transportation planning: Develop a comprehensive smart transportation plan for mobility and smart streets across the city
  • City Pass: Explore a single payment platform for City services, especially including transit fare
  • Garden of the Gods transportation: Comprehensive transportation & mobility solution to reduce congestion in Garden of the Gods
  • Southwest downtown: Re-invigorate SW Downtown, especially Vermijo & Olympic Museum area

City Services

A Smart City provides services to its residents with respect, accountability, and continuous improvement.

Several City Services improvements have been suggested, including

  • Open Data Platform: Online repository to provide open government data as an asset to the community
  • Public safety unified monitoring solution: Standardized camera and video storage, with appropriate emergency access to recordings from volunteers.
  • Community Wi-Fi: Pilot public internet in limited sections of the city
  • Smart asset allocation: