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Mayor Yemi Mobolade speaks from the podium for the 2023 state of the city address

2023 State of the City Address

Mayor Yemi gave his first State of the City address on September 14. Watch or read the speech to learn more about his plan for pushing forward the local economy, business development, and quality of life in Colorado Springs.

Mayor Yemi's 100 day plan

Mayor Yemi reports on First 100 Days progress

Mayor Yemi has published a progress report on his First 100 Days Blueprint. Residents can see the specific progress made on the 100 Days Dashboard.

Aerial view of Police training facility

Voters to decide on TABOR retention to help fund a new Police Training Facility

Colorado Springs City Council voted to refer a TABOR retention question to the November ballot. It is now up to the voters whether $4.75 million in excess TABOR revenue will go toward a new police training academy.

Voter info

Creek Week volunteers

Podcast: Creek Week

The 10th annual Creek Week is coming up in just a few days, and it’s a great way for volunteers to give back to our community. Find out what’s involved, why it’s important and how you can join the effort to make our city even more beautiful!

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