Alternate Construction Control Measures

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Mile High Flood District (MHFD) details are allowed as alternative construction control measures if the City does not have a specific detail for that particular control measure.

Control Measure Name


DitchGuard - ERTEC

Check Dam

Eco-Pan Concrete Washout

Curb Inlet Guard - ERTEC

Inlet Protection

SedCatch SedCage - ERTEC

Inlet Protection

GeoCurve Inlet Protection

Inlet Protection

Sedi-Mat Inlet Protection

Inlet Protection

Dandy Curb Bag Inlet Protection
Dandy Bag Inlet Protection
Dandy Sack Inlet Protection
Dandy Curb Sack Inlet Protection
CMS-Inlet Protection  Inlet Protection
CMS-Landscape Drain  Inlet Protection
CMS-Cut Back Curb Perimeter Control
CMS-Cut Back Berm Perimeter Control
CMS-Reinforced Silt Fence Perimeter Control

Erosion Eels

Perimeter Control

Filtrexx SiltSoxx Perimeter Control
CMS-Hercules Eco Block Sediment Barrier
Sediment Trap Sediment Trap
CMS-Temporary Mixing Station Temporary Mixing Station

TSB Skimmer

Temporary Sediment Basin

Cattle Guard VTC

Vehicle Tracking Control

CMS-Eco VTC Vehicle Tracking Control
FODS VTC Vehicle Tracking Control
FODS Track Out Control Vehicle Tracking Control
FODS Engineering Data Sheet Vehicle Tracking Control
Tracking Pads LLC Vehicle Tracking Control
Big Reds Weighted Wattle
Gator Guard Weighted Wattle
Filtrexx SiltSoxx Extreme Weighted Wattle
CMS-Heavy Wattle Weighted Wattle