Mile High Flood District (MHFD) details are allowed as alternative construction control measures if the City does not have a specific detail for that particular control measure.

Control Measure Name


DitchGuard - ERTEC

Check Dam

Eco-PanConcrete Washout
Temporary Seeding Mix TablesErosion Control Measure
WoodStrawErosion Control Mulch

SedCatch SedCage - ERTEC

Inlet Protection

GeoCurve Inlet Protection

Inlet Protection

Sedi-Mat Inlet Protection

Inlet Protection

Dandy Curb BagInlet Protection
Dandy BagInlet Protection
Dandy SackInlet Protection
Dandy Curb SackInlet Protection
Durawattle Grated Inlet ProtectionInlet Protection
Ertec Slot GuardInlet Protection
CMS-Inlet Protection Inlet Protection
CMS-Landscape Drain Inlet Protection
Curb Inlet Guard - ERTECInlet Protection
CMS-Cut Back CurbPerimeter Control
CMS-Cut Back BermPerimeter Control
CMS-Reinforced Silt FencePerimeter Control

Erosion Eels

Perimeter Control

Filtrexx SiltSoxxPerimeter Control
CMS-Hercules Eco BlockSediment Barrier
Sediment Trap Sediment Trap
Modified Sediment BasinStormwater Control Measure
Wattles for Erosion ControlStormwater Control Measure
Muscle Wall for Perimeter ControlStormwater Control Measure
CMS-Temporary Mixing StationTemporary Mixing Station

TSB Skimmer

Temporary Sediment Basin

Cattle Guard VTC

Vehicle Tracking Control

CMS-Eco VTCVehicle Tracking Control
FODS VTCVehicle Tracking Control
Tracking Pads LLCVehicle Tracking Control
Big RedsWeighted Wattle
CMS-Heavy WattleWeighted Wattle
Filtrexx SiltSoxx ExtremeWeighted Wattle
Gator GuardWeighted Wattle