Summer Haul Pass

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Note: Due to COVID-19, Summer Haul Pass will not be available until further notice.

Mountain Metro transit has routes to many activities all over town! The MMT Summer Haul Pass allows your kids the freedom to travel and have fun with their friends. Get 3 months of unlimited rides for just $25. They can head out on a hike, meet up at the mall, or just hang with friends, all without bothering mom or dad for a ride. They can snap out of being stuck at home—get a  Summer Haul Pass and enjoy exploring Colorado Springs this summer. This special pass and fare is good from June 1 through August 31. Remember, these passes will not work on board the bus after August 31st.

Is it your first time on the bus? Here’s how to ride!

Taking the bus is pretty simple. Just follow these three steps: Plan, Pay, and Ride. It all begins with a route planner. Or you can visit our How to Ride section for more information on how to use the bus and figuring out the best way to get to the places where you want to go this summer.

Plan Your Trip How to Ride

A quick note about peace of mind

When your kids ride an MMT bus, they are on one of the safest vehicles on the streets. Our buses are clean, the drivers are trained to keep things safe (including pointing out the five cameras on every bus!) and some of our routes operate every 15 minutes. We maintain excellent on-time performance and safety standards.

Teaching your kids about the bus

That’s right. Mountain Metro offers a free program for Kids and Teens on “How to Ride the Bus” for both schools and youth organizations. A professional from MMT will come to your location, at a time you select, to teach youth groups and teens how to ride the bus. Our presentations are lively and informative, and are making a difference.

Schedule Travel Training 

What's there to do in town this summer?

There are lots of fun things to do in Colorado Springs this summer! You'll find awesome events on our web calendar