Forestry Permits

The City Forester is responsible for the maintenance and management of trees in parks and along streets in the public right-of-way (R.O.W.). Unfortunately, budget constraints often prevent the Forestry Division from responding to residents’ requests as quickly as we all would like.

If you would like work done on the city trees along the street at your residence in addition to the services the Forestry Division is able to provide, you must first obtain a City Forester’s Permit (free of charge), First contact a licensed tree service, and they will assist you with the inspection and permitting process. To find a licensed tree service, use the Business License Search.  The permits are required for record-keeping and liability reasons.

City Code 8-3-302 requires a license for persons who operate or engage in a tree service business for hire. The homeowner will be required to pay for the work performed on the tree(s).