Street Tree Maintenance

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City Forestry is responsible for caring for trees located along the street, in the City right of way or parkway area adjacent to private property.  The City’s maintenance responsibilities include tree protection, pruning, insect and disease control, and removing hazardous, dead or diseased trees and/or limbs.  Adjacent homeowners help with watering, fertilizing and mulching trees on public property.  

A street tree near me needs attention

Request a street tree inspection for:

  • Damaged, declining or dead trees from drought, insect and disease
  • Broken or downed limbs due to extreme weather conditions
  • Overgrown branches obstructing visibility of traffic or school signs, or around corners at intersections
  • Branches interfering with private property - driveways, roofs, fences, vehicles
  • Branches hanging too low over the street or sidewalk
  • Structural failure - significant trunk damage, cracks, or lean

    A street tree by me needs help sooner than City Forestry can respond

    Unfortunately, limited resources often prevent City Forestry from responding to requests as quickly as we would like.   If you want work completed on Street Trees near your residence, you may obtain a free City Forestry Permit and hire and pay for a licensed tree service to do the work.  The permit is required and a licensed tree service will help you with the inspection and permitting process.

    City Code 8-3-302 requires a license for persons operating or engaging in a tree service business for hire.  

    Request a Forestry Permit Find a Licensed Tree Service

    How do I know if a tree is on my property or in the right of way?

    Here are some definitions that might help:

    • Street Tree: A tree located within the public right of way.
    • Right of way (R.O.W): The city-owned area of land designated for streets, sidewalks, and public use.  It includes the parkway between sidewalks and curbs.  Where sidewalks are attached to curbs, the R.O.W. extends a distance into the property.  The exact distance varies from street to street.

    You can also locate the property lines between the City and private property by looking up your address on the SpringsView mapping application.  

    What about trees on private property?

    City Forestry does not conduct maintenance of trees on private property. This is the responsibility of private property owners.  View a list of licensed tree services.