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DAB 602 - Home Day Care Permit


A home daycare is allowed as an accessory use in all residential zones as long as the daycare is limited in size,  a Colorado Springs Daycare Home Permit is approved and the day care is licensed by the State of Colorado. In certain zones, large daycare homes or daycare centers are permitted, but they follow a different approval process than small daycare homes which are the subject of this bulletin.

Be sure that you check for any covenants and/or restrictions that may exist at your property prior to submitting an application. Covenants and/or restrictions are additional requirements that apply in neighborhoods and supersede City Code. If a covenant and/or restriction prohibits a home based business, a Home Day Care would not be allowed at the property.  The City does not enforce covenants and/or restrictions nor do they have jurisdiction over them. If you have questions about your covenants and/or restrictions, please contact your Homeowner Association.

Daycare Home Size Restrictions

To qualify for approval under the Daycare Home Permit, a daycare must accommodate no more than a total of six (6) children on a full-time basis plus two (2) additional children on a part-time basis. If a larger daycare is desired, please visit the Land Use Review (LUR) website or the LUR offices at 30 S. Nevada Avenue, Suite #105 and complete a Pre- Application Meeting Request Form with as much information as possible about the property. A planner from the LUR Division will meet with you to determine the issues and necessary applications relating to your request.


Unlike Home Occupations (the subject of DAB 603), one part-time employee who does not reside at the home is allowed to work at the daycare home. When the normal daycare provider cannot be present, the substitute provider is allowed to work.


Since home daycares are accessory uses and are located in neighborhoods, a small wall sign no more than two (2) square feet is allowed to be placed on the home.

Outdoor Space

State-required outdoor space must not be located within any front building setback (for more information on setbacks, consult DAB 201 and must be screened from adjacent properties to reduce play area noise.

Application Process

To apply for a daycare home permit, select Permits and Letters from the Development Applications webpage from the following weblink or click here. A $120 non-refundable review fee is required upon submittal of the application. Once approved, the daycare may obtain their State of Colorado licensure and then continue without any renewal requirement.

Additional Information:

Childcare facilities are licensed by the Colorado Department of Human Services.